Kelvin Kindergarten Routine and Program 2016

Our routine is flexible, depending on the weather and the childrens’ needs/interests.

8:00– 8:45Inside play
Wide variety of art and craft, gross motor, fine motor and puzzle activities available that are based on children’s developmental needs and interests.
In this time we have small group experiences such as making things in the sandpit, cooking, making play-dough and many more. Once children arrive and are settled they can be separated into their groups for extended learning during this time.
8:45 – 9:30Outdoor play
9:30- 10:00Mat time/Welcome timeRoll call, felt stories, puppet/hand action songs, and phonics song: letters of the week. Other Experiences:
Playball on Tuesdays. Language classes commencing 2017.
(where mat time is organised for 10:30-10-45)
10:00 – 10:30Morning teaThe children are offered a variety of fruits and crackers.
10:30-11:00Music and movementChildren engage in music, gross motor experiences, dramatic play and dance.
11:00-11:30Free Play(Wet weather program is implemented on rainy days)
Extension on children’s play are offered such as dramtic play, sand/water play, gross motor play, arts and craft, play that promotes language and socio-emotional development.
Koala Group
(Mon-Wed & Fri)
11:30 – 12:00
2-3 year olds with Miss Corinne:
The Koala’s group are provided with learning experiences that nurtures their developmental needs as well as scaffolding their interests, both from home and kindy. The experiences focus on hands-on exploration as well as supporting social interactions in a safe and engaging surrounding, to help the toddlers learn about their expanding world. During our group times, we will engage in music and movement by using a variety of props such as felts, puppets, musical instruments and scarves. To build on toddlers growing communicative skills, we provide stories that are interactive and based on children’s development and interest.
Emu Group
11:30– 12:00
3-5 Year olds with Miss Hannah
At Kelvin kindy we place emphasis on play-based learning, recognising the importance of supporting the children’s communication, language, social and emotional development. Using music, stories, drama, discussion and hands on experiences, we extend our topics for exploration, which have emerged from children’s interests, considering skills and development, as well as utilising peer collaboration, sharing ideas and learning from one another. We aim to build on children’s prior knowledge and where appropriate, introduce a focus on these interests within the key learning areas.
12.00 – 12.20Lunchtime.The children enjoy a healthy lunch prepared by their families.
12.20 - 2.00Rest/Sleep
Reading books/activities on beds (for non-sleepers) (See below school readiness)
1:30-2:00School Readiness
Emu’s Group (3-5 year olds) with Miss Hannah
Kelvin Kindergarten provides learning experiences specifically designed to prepare children for a smooth transition to school. Some of our school readiness activities include pre-reading activities such as letter and sound recognition, mathematical understanding including numbers, shapes, space and measurements, social and emotional competence including social skills in group settings, as well as fine motor skills including handwriting, cutting and pencil grip and drama exploration. For more information see “Transition to School Policy”
2:00 – 2:30Outdoor Play/Pre-School workbooks while some of the other children continue to sleep
2:45 - 3:00Afternoon Mat Time. Cd stories are played for children. Children engage in show and tell.
3:00 – 3.15Afternoon Tea. A variety of vegetable sticks,cheese, fruits and crackers are offered.
3.15 – 3:45Structured group games:
These could include puppet play, role playing, duck duck goose, musical chairs,making playdough and many more.
4.00-4.30Free play
4.45-5.002nd Afternoon Tea. A light snack is provided.
5.00-5.30Group Experience
Extension on preschool program i.e. sight words, numeracy, literacy, science, self-help skills and so forth. Quiet time with the children for e.g. stories, playdough
5:00-5:30Set up different work stations
5.30Home Time
The children are encouraged to bring an item from home during their designated show and tell day. To ensure that the length of time is developmentally suited to most young children’s attention, the educators will thoughtfully design the experience so that it is well matched to attention spans by assigning 4-5 children in a specific day of the week. The goal of this experience is for children to practise their communicative skills in front of an audience in an unhurried and uninterrupted atmosphere, to build confidence, to encourage sharing and turn-taking, listening and asking/answering simple questions.