Our Programs

Age 18 months - 3

Our program is play based and tailored to reflect each child’s unique characters/nature. Our routine allows children time to explore and interact at their own pace as well as more structured times of the day for group discussions, sharing stories, experiencing music and so on. Our activities and experiences are catered towards enhancing sensory, fine motor, gross motor, language, social and emotional development. While our program is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, we believe that parent/family, children, community and educator’s voices should be included in our program.

Age 4 - 5

Our program  is designed to prepare children for the transition to “Big School” the following year.

Some of our school readiness activities include pre-reading activities such as letter and sound recognition, mathematical understanding including numbers, shapes, space and measurements, social and emotional competence including social skills in group settings, as well as fine motor skills including handwriting, cutting and pencil grip and drama exploration. These goals will also be achieved through other various activities including incursions, extra curricular activities, excursions, parent/family participation and events. Above all, we offer a nurturing and self-boosting environment so that our children become confident navigators from a social and educational standpoint as they move on to their first year in primary school.